How I see Wedding Photography

      Human emotions, interactions with one another, reminiscing over memories from the past, and creating memories for the future. All the small and big moments in time that happen when people come together is what I seek to document and share.


      I can’t capture the journey that led you to one another. But the joy, laughter, tears, excitement, hope, and every other raw emotion expressed and projected on your wedding day is what I aim to provide you visuals for you to keep and cherish with your loved ones for as long as you wish.


      Sometimes it’s a fast moving scene that occurs and then is gone forever but by capturing it you give that scene an infinite life. From time to time you may look back remember what led to that moment, what followed, the emotions surrounding that moment and perhaps even the smells and sounds that were part of your journey.


       Thoughts About What Surrounds Us

      The stillness, the peace, the smell of the trees. The wind blows and the chill is often real but happiness ensues as I am here.

      In the valleys, mountains, and hills, it isn’t just the rivers that run deep.
      The admiration and appreciation I share for the open roads and wilderness through their stillness, livelihood, and endless changes is unconditional and invigorating.



      holding an glacier icicle


      illustrated mountains